Is there a way to access the location of a collision area?

Basically, I have an actor with a collision box component, which is offset slightly above the center point of the actor. I have projectiles which will home in on this actor, but I want to home in on the center of the collision box instead. However, not all of the actors used for this will necessarily have the same component heirarchy. Is there a simple way to get this collision location, or would I have to make the heirarchy the same for all actors? (Right now I have some actors with default sprite collisions generated, and some provided with my own box collision components, which might be offsetted)

in your “on hit” event, you need to “break” the result.
Then you get things like hit location, hit component etc.

Thanks, you sort of pointed me in the right direction, I realized I needed OnComponentBeginOverlap. Before I was using GetOverlappingActors for actor based overlap for another issue, but I only need events in this case.