Is there a UE4 tool that's similar to Unity's Ferr2D Terrain Tool?

I just found out about this amazing tool called ferr2D terrain tool that’s for Unity, and I’m wondering if there is a tool / plugin that functions similar to this in UE4? I’d really like to create a side scroller that captures this sort of organic feel that this one does to create something like the recent Rayman games using UE4.

**Link to Ferr2D terrain tool **

Ferr2D terrain tool gif

Screenshot from Rayman Origins

Hi Alucardac,

We currently have Paper2D that is being developed for the engine. There is a feature for terrain spline with sprites for something similar to the terrain tool you have above.

This feature is still listed as “Experimental” for the moment while it’s still being developed.

You can find more information about it and how to get started using it in the documentation here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Wow! Amazing! When could one expect these features to be fully implemented? I can’t wait to start using them!

If you missed it, you can find the Trello Paper2D roadmap here that details when specific features are looking to be ship-ready and implemented in the engine! :slight_smile:

If you hold your mouse over the color bars over the specific features you’ll see that it lists when it’s expected to be ready.


There is definitely some cool stuff coming down the pipeline for Paper2D! :smiley:


I’d like to have the terrain splines moved from experimental to early access by 4.5, with better terrain material configurability and collision support.

Michael Noland

Using the splines quite a lot now… They are… simply… IMMENSE guys! Can’t wait for the collision support, finally can make a decent 2d game with that in place!!! pewdy pewww.