Is there a TextureCube resource for a skybox?

In UDK I had my skybox as a texturecubemap with 6x textures set together.

Is this feature removed from UE4? The skybox texture is a spacescape, so I would rather get this to work than make a skysphere.

Had similar problem, and after some trial and error i think i i managed to get it right.

  1. Create cubemap texture in your prefered tool (i used nvdxt from nvidia for this). Keep in mind, it needs to be in proper format and layout as described in docs here: Textures in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

  2. Import texture and create new material.

  3. In material add this 3 nodes: TextureSampleParameterCube (and set your cubemap in it), ReflectionVectorWS (connected to UV in TextureSampleParameterCube), Vector3 (0,0,0) connected to reflection node. Then connect your cubemap to color or emissive.

  4. Remember to mark material as twosided

  5. You will also need to tweak mipmaps (in cubemap asset file, turn them off), etc, to make it look good

  6. Slap it on a hollow cube

  7. Don’t ask me why and how this works :wink:

This is how my material looked like:

Thanks for the detailed walkthrough!

As an adittion to Xarn answer, you can also create a Blueprint object with the following components hierarchy:

The model used in the Static Mesh should be an sphere so the edges of the “cubemap” aren’t visible. You can use a Sphere mesh located in the Engine folder. Also, to set the material you need to add the following to the Blueprint Construction Graph.

This way you will have the most basic version of a Skybox which you can tweak as much as you can instead of modifying the default one.