Is there a Step-by-Step tutorial on VR setup?

I’m learning UE4 for about 3 months. I’ve had the Valve Index for about 4 months.
If you know anything about the setup for Valve, I’d love to hear it. I saw a Set for Steam VR, but it seems old, because many of the selections are not available.

Currently, my hands are in the correct world space, but are not useful in the VR Template.

  1. Grab does not work with the knuckle controls. I can not grab or interact with any objects in the world, with my “hands”.

  2. Teleport does not work properly with the knuckle controls. The Arrow that tells you where you should be facing as you land, jumps back to the default whenever I release the teleport button. So I am always facing the same direction, unless I physically rotate my body.

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