Is there a silent option for UBT/UVS?

I’m doing some automatization. When I invoke UnrealVersionSelector from console it shown Win32 windows with progress bar etc. Is there any way to supress it? Maybe -silent option? Or maybe you can add it?

I’m inoking UVS as follows:

uvs /projectfiles my.uproject

Hi ,

Are you referring to running UnrealVersionSelector-Win64-Shipping from the Windows command console? UVS is essentially a GUI wrapper for UBT. Have you tried running UBT by itself?

Hmm. For some reason I didn’t look at UBT directly. Now I see how to do what I wanted. Thank you!

Ok, UBT.exe runs well but only in its engine directory. If I copy it to my dir, it does not work.

Next question: How can I find UBT.exe location from my C++ program (not UE4 powered). Is there any registry path or something?

Marking this as unresolved for the time.

There isn’t anything provided as part of the Engine that would help with what you are trying to do. If you need to be able to access UBT.exe from an external program, you would probably want to either create a config file with the path to UBT, or set an environment variable.