Is there a point cloud/ lidar sensor?

I am new to Unreal and 3D graphics in general, so please excuse my naivete.

What I wish to do is get a laser/lidar scan of scenes and save those resulting point clouds. Ideally, I would like to do this for any readily available scene by making use of the available code. That is, I would like to capture laser/lidar scans for rendered existing scenes.

Is there a way to add a sensor somewhere in the scene for accomplishing this? It’d be even better if this could be done programmatically without the GUI.

How can I go about this? Any pointers would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

You could do a series of raycasts and spawn small sprites at the intersections to generate a point cloud, but that would be incredibly processor-intensive and slow.
As it stands, there is no built-in way to generate a point cloud.