Is there a network data limit in Unreal Engine 4?


I’ve been working on a networked game for the last couple of months. It have been working quite well with the networking, but I’ve started to notice some network lag when an increased amount of objects in the world are being manipulated.

This is tested on a 100/100 mbits local network, so the bandwidth isn’t the problem. I’ve also been trying to change the network priority of objects and the only thing i manage to do then is to change which objects are lagging, but the lag is still there.

Is the network capped somehow and can you release the cap, or is this something else?



Yes there are limitations, to get started, you can profile the networking behavior. Here’s a prior answer to a similar question:

I found network bandwidth traffic shaping settings in BaseGame.ini which you can override in Game.ini:


Before I increased these values, we were seeing strange behavior in larger (>=8 player) games like pawns and projectiles hanging and not moving.

You can use this command line arg as well

LANPLAY: Tells the engine to not cap client bandwidth when connecting to servers. Causes double the amount of server updates and can saturate client’s bandwidth.

what did you change these values to? I just tweaked mine (10x, 100x) and didn’t really see a difference

There are limitations, you can change them too, but it might be worth optimizing net traffic before raising them too much, which is highly dependent on your physical network setup.

You can check out the answer to my question here: