Is there a multiplayer vehicle sample?

Hi, I’m new to UE so please be gentle…

I’m trying to put together an automated spectating system, that is, something that will automatically control the camera either during a demo replay or live during a networked game so you get a good view of the action without having to drive the camera yourself.

But to work on a spectating system, you have to have something to spectate! I’d rather not have to put together a whole game before I can even start working on a spectating system. My goal is NOT to write a game but to write a general-purpose spectating system any game can customize and use.

So I’m wondering if there’s a sample that’s already enabled for network and demo record/replay. Something like the “vehicle game” sample would be perfect, but it isn’t enabled for network or demo recording. Has anyone added basic network/demo record to “vehicle game” or created another vehicle sample with multiplayer/record capability I could use?

If there’s nothing else available, I’ll probably use the “Shooter Game” sample, but I think a spectating system for a vehicle game would be more fun to watch.

The record feature that you want is built in, but I can’t think of the actual name of it right now.

For the spectator you could do something like this:A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Or have some way of attaching the spectator to the vehicle.

I have yet to do something like this so I can’t give you any examples. :confused: