Is there a limit on how many hair strands can be in a Groom?

I was having a problem where random clumps of hair would flicker in and out of existence when the camera got too close (a closeup of the character’s face). It wasn’t happening when the camera was further away, or when “favor LOD” was set to 1. So I went back to Xgen, reduced the density by half, and exported it again.

Everything worked great. I could zoom in and none of the hair would flicker, but as a test, I duplicated the hair three times, zoomed the camera back in, and once again it started flickering, or entire hair systems would just disappear.

Is there some kind of limitation on how many strands of hair can be rendered at once? I have 5 characters who need to be in a scene together (doesn’t need to be real-time), and need to know if I need to simplify their hair, or if there’s a setting I’m missing, or if I should just use cards.

Any help is appreciated.