Is there a limit for CapsuleComponent?


I made a Blueprint for a RobotWarrior to be used in a ShooterGame-like Setting.
The Bot inherits from ShooterBot.h and it works quite well. But I found some issues with dimensions of CapsuleComponent. If I choose a capsule radius to include the Machine-Guns, the radius will be approxim. 190 and the Capsule degenerates to a sphere. Now the bot refuses to move. I thought it might be due to his weight, which is calclulated by the Capsule (I guess) to be nearly 4tonnes.

If I set the capsule to something “humanoid” like 155 x 100 the navigation is working as expected, but as you already guessed, it gets stuck to obstacles with the Machine-Guns, which are now ouside of the capsule. I already changed the maximum possible dimensions for an agent in the NavMesh-Properties, but this didn’t solve the issue.

Has anybody had a similar problem? Many thanks in advance and greetings

Capsule components aren’t perfect, but they are good enough in this case for handling movement through an environment. For more complex collision, you probably want to take a look at using something like a physics asset.