Is there a known method for replicating physics driven simulated skeletal meshes?

Currently I’m trying to have an actor on the server with a skeletal mesh component ragdoll different parts of its body through the animation blueprint, and no matter the method I try I can’t get the clients to show the same result as on the server.
I’ve tried variations of replicated/non replicated movement option, just having the clientside actor be completely simulated from the start/kinematic from the start, have tried a poseable mesh with the ragdoll as its target but it’s just copying the local skeletal mesh anyway so it’s still not replicated properly.
I’ve seen topics like this - [Video] Player-Controlled Replicating Physics Movement, Simulating Physics! - C++ Programming - Unreal Engine Forums - but that doesn’t describe at all where I can see what’s actually being done to achieve the result, nor does it look like it’s possible via blueprints.
Getting every single bone transform by name individually and then trying to replicate that also doesn’t sound like a realistic solution.
Does anyone else have any experience with this, or at least enough experience to have more theoretical solutions I could try out that I haven’t attempted already?
I’d really appreciate some help with this as it’s the very essential core for my project.