Is there a fix to the textures not loading when I open my project?

I’m fairly new to using UE4, fantastic engine btw love it, but lately whenever I load one of my projects then open one of my maps I will get an error message saying that it failed to load all textures that I have placed and removes them all. Is there any fix to this problem?

Hi DerekTate -

Could you post a screenshot of the actual error message? It sounds like it may be one of several things. It could be a redirector issue when files were moved between locations and the redirectors are not correctly assigning them. This can also happen if assets were moved and not migrated between projects. It also could be an issue with the assignments in the actual level being incorrectly directed, or the assignments in your materials are not correctly directed to the textures. Once I see the error message I will be able to narrow down a solution for you.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Hi -

It looks like you have two textures which might have been moved or deleted and are referenced by several materials assigned to meshes in your project, conveniently listed below in your message log. You will need to find the materials listed there and open them, look for a Texture Sample node highlighted in Red and replace the textures in the materials either with new textures or the correct location of the textures above.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

But what do you do if ever time you restart the project, the texture sample node gets unassigned again

Hello DrewCarter101,

Are you experiencing the same kind of error as the one listed above?