Is there a fix for the VR instanced Stereo Rendering Bug ?

Hey Guys :).

So we ran in the same Error as many People before.
We are using 4.12.4 and Tesselation on our Landscape Mat.

If Instanced Stereo Rendering is turned on we get a heavy Display Glitch / Error on the right Eye.
My colleague said it would look like “if you would look through a piece of silvit Glass”

Something like this:

So is there any way to fix this ?
At the moment we just switched it to off, but this isn’t a real solution.

Btw our target VR Hardware is the HTC .

Hello mettigel2,

This appears to be a known issue (UE-30278) and it has been submitted to the developers for further consideration. I have provided a link below to the original thread. Please feel free to visit the provided link for future updates. I will be sure to bump up the community interest on the report.

Link: Instanced Stereo bug, right eye glitched out with blended material - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

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