Is there a default 16 player limit for multiplayer?

I’m trying to run a server over LAN and open it up to a larger group (office-wide of around 100 people). I have the project working where people can join in and spawn/possess fine and see each other, but there seems to be a limit of 16 players in the session at one time - even if i use PIE with 20 players, the last four wont join the session. I have set the public connections limit above 16 when creating the server but is there any other common setting I may be missing?

There isn’t a hardcoded limit to the number of players. Maybe check how the players are being spawned? i.e. is there only 16 player starts? or even checking if there is a variable for max connections.

I’ve tried it with more than 16 player starts and it made no difference. When starting the session with a ‘create session’ node I have public connections set to 150 and still nothing. I really can’t see what I’m doing wrong that even a PIE session cant spawn more than 16 people in a single session, even in a blank project

so I did a bit of looking into this issue and have found this in the DefaultGame.ini file. the more you know!


Hope this helps!

p.s. if this is not in there create it and set the max players value to what u want.

Probably because it gets written out by the project the first time a game session is created by the AGameSession class

int32 MaxPlayers;

I think that’s done it! Excellent, thank you for the help. I had a look in DefaultGame.ini initially but it didn’t have the max players line in my project, adding it manually seems to have worked. Thank you so much - do you know why that line in DefaultGame differs from project to project?