Is there a C++ Tweening library available for UE4?

I’d like to for example rotate my camera boom 90 degrees with simple easing (easeInOut would be enough). I have experience with Greensock in AS3 and JS and iTweener in Unity.
Is there any C++ alternative for UE4?

Can I bump my own question?

There is FMath::InterpEaseInOut
Something along the lines of
FMath::InterpEaseInOut( const T& A, const T& B, float Alpha, float Exp )

Interpolate between A and B along Alpha. Exp controls the degree of the curve.

All right, I haven’t tried that in C++ because I moved to using Blueprints but same method works just fine. Thanks.

I know about tweeny (GitHub - mobius3/tweeny: A modern C++ tweening library) which a header only tweening library for C++ but I am not sure if it would work with unreal. Full disclosure: I’m tweeny’s author and would love to know if you experimented it with UE.

You can also take a look in to my Plugin.
it uses Rob Penners Interpolation function as well as you can specify your own FloatCurve.