is there a better way to use large textures?

I have a planet map currently split up into 8 4k textures, the planet mesh is then divided into 8 elements, and using material instances I change the map for each instance

this doesn’t let me do any UV panning and I don’t yet know how it’ll behave with dynamic material instancing

is there a better way?

You can combine them all into a single material. This is also using 8 4k textures. I tried to de-spaghettify it as much as possible, hopefully it’s legible. Make sure all the texture samplers have a MipValueMode of MipLevel or else you’ll get seams.

I will definitely look at this, but I fear it’ll be difficult with my setup, as I have multiple layers of this planet and there are a couple of heighmap to normal functions too, which take texture objects, so I will need to sample these individually, the instruction count is already over 300 and I think it will rocket, but I’ll try it and see

it would be really nice if unreal could split up a large map for you, and treat it as one

ok so I tried this and it worked really well

a couple of observations…

setting mipvaluemode to miplevel looked like it turned off mip mapping, an alternative I tried was to set the texture mode to clamp rather than wrap and offset each texture, this lets you keep mip mapping but unfortunately there is still one seam at the UV join