Is the OpenGL Backend for Oculus Broken?

I’m seeing error when I attempt to run content using the OpenGL backend and Oculus. I tried debugging the error and I saw that in Engine/Plugins/Runtime/OculusRift/Source/OculusRift/Private/OculusRiftRenderGL.cpp, the code is attempting to create a texture swap chain with a format of OVR_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM_SRGB, which is a format that the Oculus LibOVR headers list as “Not supported for OpenGL applications”. This appears broken on its face and does in fact lead to LibOVR errors. The call accordingly fails and the initialization is aborted. Unfortunately, if I try to patch up the format I eventually run into a null pointer crash further down the line, so it’s unclear whether there are multiple issues or whether I am doing something wrong.

This code appears to be HEAD in all of the branches I checked (master, 4.12.4, dev-vr-editor), indicating that this is not likely a well-trodden path. Does anyone know if this is a tested and supported configuration? Thanks!