Is the Ongoing D3D 'HUNG' crash - FD3D11Viewport::PresentChecked() UE4.15 being fixed?

It Seem’s the D3D ‘HUNG’ crash - FD3D11Viewport::PresentChecked() & D3D Device being lost are still a mayor issue and from the looks of it Still present in 4.15. Any Progress on this issue ? For us 4.15 doesn’t ready for production, it crashes constantly. same issue as UE-40773

We would appreciate an answer to this matter. Thank. Right now our project is in the crapper till then, And the features in 4.15 were quite what we were looking for. 4.14.3 Too Buggy no matter what GPU, 4.13 works great but a little to Vanilla for us, especially with the awful Vehicle physics in that implementation. Anyway a heads up please!

Hey Porckchop,

We are still investigating this issue. As far as I know we are in contact with Nvidia getting information to help with this GPU crash. For the time being all you can really do is try the suggested workarounds. I apologize that this is blocking your development cycle.

If you find that an issue to be important you can vote on it. This is how we gauge community interest, however keep in mind this won’t push an issue to be fixed sooner.

Also, since this technically isn’t a bug report and is a known issue I’m moving this out of the bug report section.

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any update on a fix for 4.15 , were just about to give up on this engine really, a total shame that since 4.14 it still in 4.15 and chances are 4.16, are we getting a stable engine with decent features or an unstable and buggy engine full of features which are useless if the POS crashes retartedly every time. Im just asking if there is an update and I hope it isn’t " We are still investigating, blah blah blah" that would be BS. Really. And totally upsetting.

It’s a driver/video card issue. I’ve found that turning off real-time thumbnails helps a lot and if it’s still a big issue, then switch to forward rendering and it shouldn’t do it anymore.

We have been working with Nvidia so that our upcoming 4.15.2 update will contain new code from them (called Aftermath) which should help to further diagnose the issue and hopefully identify the root cause. Unfortunately we are not likely to be able to make a fix in 4.15, but we are optimistic about 4.16.

In the meantime, as Ironic Paradox mentions, there are many workarounds that users have identified that prevent the crashes from occurring for them.


Yes Ironic but Forward Rendering really sucks I rather use a different engine. Sorry.