Is the map creator code and SAC different?

I managed to secure a code today when registering to be a map creator. I gave it to friends and theyve said it states it wasnt found.

I wondered if thats what is meant to happen or not. Do map creators not have support in that way?

Hi, your island creator code won’t work as an SAC code until you also enroll in the SAC program. The Island Creator program and SAC program are separate programs, although if you enroll in both, you will use the same creator code.

You can enroll here:

Hi there, I know this thread ended a few months ago but I am currently trying to apply for the island creator program. I used to have a sac but it has now been disabled due to the fact that my account is below 1000 followers because I lost access to the account. But now when I apply for the island creator program it won’t let me use a different creator code, it forces me to use my disabled creator code which then means I can’t get past this step when applying. Would love some advice.