Is the detail texture node the best way to tile masked normals onto a base normal map?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m missing some very simple but critical ideas when it comes to the material editor in UE4. I’m trying to tile a detail normal map onto a base (baked) normal map. I have a detail weight map made, and if I really need to I can just tile the map in photoshop and just overlay the map, but even with that option I’m having difficulty figuring out which nodes to use, and how to use them. I’m having problems with the “arithmetic between Float2 and float being undefined” with the detail texturing node. I assume it’s a very simple fix, but I’m just not getting it. Let me know if I need to clarify the issue I’m having. Thank you for checking this out.


For blend two normal maps you can use two math nodes and Constant3vector node or use Blend_Screen node.

As you can see the result is identical