is something seriously wrong with 4.24.3 and Oculus go

I developed for the oculus rift and go and vive and all that probably about 8-10 months ago, and I NEVER had any issues like I have now. I am blueprinting things that are as simple as overlap trigger volumes to change textures and it doesn’t work. It is such a simple setup. I also can get it working, then if I ever use any type of copy and pasting of nodes, it won’t work in the headset. Is there like some type of cache issues when launching or something?

I had the issue I posted when I first came back and that was making certain buttons open certain levels. Someone luckily replied and said I needed the maps in the main content directroy?!?! wtf. since when? Then I had to do some type of updating the directory paths?! Never had to do anything like that before.

Seriously though, this has been absolutely terrible coming back to. I wish I could even give more information, but the results are so random its crazy. Even after I got something working like change the material, I would copy and paste the exact nodes, and change just the volume and object I wanted to change, and it wouldn’t work. It would truly be exact… I deal with 3d programs daily, many of them actually, and they break a lot, but I can 95 percent of time figure out the workflow that is breaking that. But since the day I came back to Unreal, it has just been a ■■■■ show… How frustrating. I am not sure what version I even had back when I use to work in Unreal, but I wish I could go back to it. I tried going back to 4.23 and it was still junk.

Does anyone have any ideas? At first I thought it was just me being rusty, possibly forgetting things. But I can’t even follow a tutorial online anymore without it breaking, or just simply not working.

Hopefully someone will just say its the program compatibility with the Oculus go or something.


An extremely frustrated customer

Went back to 4.2 and everything is working as expected. This needs to be addressed. I lost so much time because the program didn’t work…