Is Sequence Recorder function can only be used inside Unreal Editor

Currently, I can only start Sequence Recording in Unreal Editor or PIE. However, I want to use Sequence Recorder inside my game project without doing anything with editor. I saw that there are three blueprint functions, startRecordingSequence, stopRecordingSequence, and isRecordingSequence.

I tried to use them inside blueprint and the Unreal editor gives me a warning that says the functions are private. I can still compile and play in unreal editor but the project cannot be packaged successfully. I then dive into engine source code and change those functions to public. Now the Unreal editor stop giving me the warning and it still uses fine inside the editor. However, the project still cannot be packaged successfully. The build package log states that inside the SavePackage.cpp, the DependencyIndext is Null which lead to Assertion Failed.

I dived into source code again, ignore the DependencyIndext value check, and now I get a successful project package build. However, although I get a project package, the sequence recorder cannot start or open when I launch the .exe. It works fine when I play in Unreal editor or PIE but cannot work in project package.

Is Sequence Recorder function can only be used in Unreal Editor due to dependency of some classes or functions only in Unreal editor?

I found out that the reason why I cannot use sequence recorder in game package is that source code of Sequence Recorder is stored in the editor folder. The package system of Unreal may only package functions and classes inside engine code, not including editor code. Are there ways to package editor code during packaging?