Is Screen Percent supported for HTC Vive?

I’d like to be able to improve the anti-aliasing quality of my VR projects by using a post processing Screen Percentage value greater than 100%. This works fine for Oculus Rift display, but when using a value greater than 100% and running on the Vive the left/right eye projections go way out of alignment and are unusable. The effect is somewhat similar to crossing your eyes.

Is the Vive supposed to gracefully support Screen Percent values other than 100%? Have I found a bug?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project using the “Blank” template.
  2. Add a Post Processing volume.
  3. Tick the “Unbound” property of the volume to “true”.
  4. Under “Post Processing > Settings > Misc >” turn on “Screen Percent” and set it to 120.
  5. Preview the project in VR.
  6. Notice the misalignment.

I have the exact same problem. In the past, I have been able to set screen porcentage with a DK2 very easily, but now with a Vive and Unreal 4.12 I simply can’t anymore. I tried setting console commands via blueprints, post process volumes (running into the same problem you did) and even fiddling with .ini files, with no success. The funny thing is that I’m able to increase the screen percentage in the editor but not in the packaged game.

It’s quite possible that I’m overlooking some tiny step along the way (there are thousands of different places you can set screen percentage in the engine lol), but frankly, I just have no energy to look into this anymore.

Hopefully someone finds a solution soon or Epic fixes it if it turns out to be a bug.

I have the same problem… Any solution yet?

HTC Vive handles screen percentage in a different way. Have a look here, under Common Commands:

a have the same problem and find way to fix it,
just use console comand
r.ScreenPercentage 200
to set it on 200