Is SceneCapture with depth as CaptureSource supported on mobile?

I tried to do a SceneCapture2D of the SceneDepth to a RenderTarget.

It looks fine in the editor and in the PIE mobile preview ES3.1. The material here sample the depth value and output a lerp from red (depth 0) to green (depth 800).

but when i launch on android (Samsung S8) the texture is uniformly green meaning the depth isn’t calculated and is probably just set to its maximal value.

Is this a know issue on mobile ? Can we render the scene depth from another point of view than the main camera ?

Side notes:

  • Mobile HDR is on
  • The render target is 1024x1024 R16f.
    I tried R32f with same result.
  • The capture of scene color instead of depth
    works perfectly fine on mobile

Using CaptureSource = SceneColor (HDR) in RGB SceneDepth in A, the depth texture is valid on mobile.