Is RenderMan Compatible With UE's Pipeline?

Hi all,

Is RenderMan compatible with Unreal Editor’s pipeline? How would you get the two to work together?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

-Michael Wais

No, there’s nothing that Renderman can be used for

There was some talk about the Pixar USD format being made to work with Unreal. So that would be the scene description format that is the data that describes the world being rendered.
Not the actual Pixar renderer ‘Renderman’.
But I haven’t heard about that since the announce at last GDC.

Fun factum: A programmer I worked with 18 years ago made a program that generated a .RIB stream on the fly and piped to the then available realtime pixar rib renderer.
Together (mostly him) we made a simple realtime renderman powered baseball batting pong game. :slight_smile: