Is Post Processing broken on the 4.26 "WaterBodyCustom" of the water plugin?

Underwater Post Processing seems to be broken on a water volume of type “WaterBodyCustom”.
I set the custom mesh on property LOD > Water Mesh Override. This gives me a cube shaped water mesh that I use for a pool. All good… It just doesn’t show any post processing while my camera and character are inside of it. The water of type WaterBodyOcean is just working fine. Is the custom body Post Processing broken?

“The water plugin” being the official experimental one included in 4.26 :slight_smile:

Hello there! Have you found anything out regarding this issue?
I am also experimenting with the Custom Water Body and the post processing is not working.

No but I did find more bugs. It’s the Buoyancy plugin. Still in a very experimental state and I hope it will be updated soon as it will surely replace the system I was using, when it works properly. At this point it isn’t really useful at all.

I am also playing around a lot with the Buoyancy Component, but for me they work with Custom Water Bodies too.

If it weren’t for the missing Post Processing and the ridiculously high waves they generate on my end, I’d be totally hooked. Not sure though if I found any “bugs” or just things I don’t understand yet.

The components are very cool as well, it made implementation of water detection for swimming logic a lot better, though it wasn’t reliable at all for this. This + PostProcessing issues, wave displacement creating odd overlapping visual distortions, made me stop working on any water code until this plugin is further developed. I’m sure it will be amazing when done.

After some digging in source I’ve found that you need to have WaterMeshActor placed on level for the post process even to be considered. That and a collider box with OverlapAll attached to WaterBodyCustom or buoyancy and post process wont work.

still having some issues with cameras on spring arm tho ;(

thanks for the digging :). atm I put my research on it on hold because it is too experimental

np, I’ve also found that creating new collision channel and setting it in water plugin options fixed problem with camera on spring arm :wink:

Hey can you please elaborate how you got it to work? Neither postprocess nor the collisions are working for me.

it was a while ago and I’m now on ue5 5.0 branch so it might not be necessary but here’s what I recall: added new object trace channel, used it in new collision preset (can’t say if I added preset or it was created by plugin, at least I’m now using generated one), added collider box component to CustomWaterBody and set it’s collision preset to WaterBodyCollision

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Hey thanks for the video! Btw did you make a child blueprint inherted from the custom water body actor inside of which you added the box collision? Did you also attach the box collidor to the spline component? Or did you attach it to the root itself?