Is Parallax Occlusion Mapping self shadowing broken in 4.24?

Even the content example of POM self shadowing is not self shadowing in 4.24.

Can anyone else confirm this in the content example?

Yes, it is broken I’ve opened the Content Example in 4.24 (left image) now and it’s not working, and just to confirm I’ve opened in 4.23(right image) and its working fine:

Thank you! Should we report this or something?

I also found the same issue in my level. May I get the fix version on 4.24.4?

Oh this issue still present in 4.25, I have reported this on feb and nothing, So what I did to fix that in the 4.25 where open the Parallax Occlusion Mapping Function from 4.23 copy everything, create a new Material Function in the 4.25 and paste there and it worked like a charm.

Yes it is still broken. Target fix is 4.26.

Interesting that worked, good to know!

Looks like it’s still broken in 4.26 preview

Here is the fixed function

Thank You ,and i find just change the Custom node(Parallax Occlusion Mapping)
Del or Common this

I doesnt work for me… Is there an easier way to get POM shadows working?

take the fixed function i posted and paste it into a new material function or replace the existing pom function

Sorry for the late response. That worked! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for this. this worked for me as well.