Is overlaping returning true when no overlap event

Basically, it’s returning true at the overlapping of those two components…when they are not overlapping at all… plus it’s printing a list of all overlapped components and it’s literally all pawns on the map (the component is the yellow one at the right… it is not overlapping any pawn)

(forgot the question) DOes anybody know what is happening or how to fix it??? I’m thinking on lots of things but I can’t find an answer to the problem :frowning:

Same here

SO weird… :frowning:

your not really giving the whole picture here. what are the trigger assist bonus and what is custom? what actor is the blueprint on? what are the names/types of the actors in the picture?

also why are you getting all actors of class? i see this alot these days when its not needed and is likely to cause more harm than good.

instead of using all actors of class what should I use? and that is “custom” and trigger assist bonus is a component of the class I’m calling the one in yellow in the right of the 1st picture and it has the exact same configuration than custom

i mean i am asking if the two components are overlapping…and as you can see in the picture the yellow at the right and the blue at the left aren’t touching at all.

your going to need to add in more explanation to this one. there are still too many things that are not defined. you say trigger assist is the yellow actor on the right ok. and the blueprint shown in the picture is custom ok. so what is physics ball then? i assume that it is the flat yellow bit associated with trigger assist.

so trigger assist has the same config as custom could it be that it is showing a positive because it is overlapping itself. as in the custom within the physics ball is overlapping the trigger assist in the same actor and causing the overlap to read true.

the reason to not use get all actors of class is because you never know what it will do exactly. for instance lets say you have two actors of the same type in your level and use a get all of class, which will be index 0? you wont ever know. when programming you want to be as explicit as possible when referencing things. i would only ever really use a get all when i want to affect all in the same manner. so instead of a get all script something else, it all depends on the situation really. you could use a variable thats editable or you could just get overlapping actors, etc.

Also, it is returning me the list of almost all actors on the level when the yellow thing is clearly not overlapping any of them.

No, i mean im asking, specifically, if custom is overlapping with trigger assist and it is returning true…then when i am asking to give me all components that are being overlapped by the trigger and it is returning all the balls in the image

trigger, is the flat yellow bit thing which is a component of the player pawn(physics ball)

as you can see in the image the Trigger isn’t overlapping anything but sphere(witch is physicsball(sphere))

instead of a trigger im just gonna find the distance and check that…cuz i gave up…so i’m rotationg…who needs triggers anyhow


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