Is mobile support "blendable" post process?

I’m new with Unrael engine and I want to create stereoscopic 3D (anaglyph) on a mobile application. I found a way to have the 3D effets using a post processing material that I blend on the main camera. When I pack the project, it’s saying that the material doesn’t pack correctly.

Following what documentation is saying, blendable doesn’t work on mobile. But is there any way to make Unreal capable to use blendable on mobile or any other alternative to create stereoscopic 3D on mobile? Thank you for your help.

Yes I’d like to know this as well. Read the same issue in the docs regarding Blendables not being supported on Mobile. I’d imagine it’s due to extra dependent texture reads or other hardware limitations.I’m mainly interested in it for doing full screen post fx using SceneTexture in PFX materials