Is Making All Room a Blueprint Actor okay for optimization?

Hi there, im working on a game. In game, when my character opens a door, a random room generating and spawning to front of opened door. It works fine, but there is a question in my mind. I have blueprint rooms which have same parent. So, there are about 10-15 props in a room. That means my every room blueprint has 10-15 static mesh components. Also the walls, floor and roof are static mesh components. Is there another way to do it? By the way, my game is multiplayer. And my game is just about rooms. There is nothing but rooms. Maybe is it not bad at all for optimization?

It sounds totally logical.

I have made a procedural maze, which was just BPs joining together. Ok, no static meshes there, but meh…

The point is, the player only sees 1 room at a time, so it’s absolutely fine.

Yes, im destroying old rooms when go another. If it is okay, thank you :slight_smile:

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