Is making a simple doom fps hard to do with BP?

Is coding A simple Doom fps hard to do with BP? Lets exclude multiplayer and AI in this topic and just talk about the coding of a simple pick up a weapon and shoot system with the ability to switch between already picked up weapons. Is this Impossible for noobs to code in BP? If so are there any tutorials that teach people how to make a weapon system like doom?

Let me know, I don’t want to feel like I wasted money on this engine.

It’s pretty easy -> I personally would recommend you to take a look at the official tutorials on youtube :slight_smile:

Is there an official video showing how to make a weapon system? , because if there is then I totally missed it.

Unfortunately not :frowning: But when you know the basics of blueprints, you will be abel to create a weapon system in a very short period of time -> the first step is to take a look at the projectile tutorial + search here: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Search/index.html?x=19&y=2&q= probably you can find a weapon system tutorial :smiley:

You can also get the “Shooter Game” Project from the marketplace and review the BP weapon system there (or use it…).
There really is no tutorial on how to make a weapon system which is rather sad. You’d think it would be one of the official tutorials.

~ Jason

The problem with the shootergame tutorial is I don’t have a C++ compiler or program to look at the C++ code, hence why I want to do this in BP.

See the official tutorials don’t really tell you how to go about taking everything you learned and turning it into something. Like for example after watching a bunch of tutorials about enums, variables and what not, I had no idea how to use that to make a weapon system. Adding a bunch of variables like weapon_cooldown , Ammotype, Attack_range , Weapon_Number_Slot into a Weapon class did me no good because I wasn’t taught how to plug those variables into something that worked.

See I’m use to doom modding where you can inherit from a basic weapon class and just edit it to how you like it with neat little API functions like A_FireProjectile which has many different sub-options that just ask you what projectile to fire and where you want it to spawn and at what angle and what not.

You could use visual studio express for the c++ part -> but better stay with blueprints, because they are really easy to use :slight_smile: For the weapon -> the only way to learn this is by studying the samples (shooter template, shooter demo) + the tutorials + “learning by doing”

A really rough overview of how it works. When you like I could show you in a video how to do everything:

  1. create a projectile ?v=ojvuTz4KCfE
  2. create a character mesh + char bp + anim bp
  3. attach a weapon (either as a mesh or blueprint) to a socket from the character
  4. spawn the projectile from the character or from the weapon bp

So when the weapon is attached It will fire when I press the fire button or do I have to make a variable that says it can only fire when attached?

best thing to do is -> hold your breath and jump right in… the water’s fine! :cool:

lil’ cold at times but … fine. lol

create a project using like the BP First Person Shooter then do like up there said delve into the tutorials & docs and have a go at it. trust me you won’t be the first to crash the editor, lol

good luck

Yep, you will need a variable that tells the engine that you know have a weapon in your hand e.g

When the player enters a capsule from the weapon, it will get attached to the sockets from the character (“attach to” node) and it will enable a “IsHolding” variable which will activate the “true” link from the “branch” between the event (e.g left mouse button) and the shooting (spawn actor class).

+1 for this -> that’s exactly how I learned the engine :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re not modelling or programming in C++ just Blueprint and using free meshes online then yes it is possible and yes you can publish the game. However, make sure the meshes you’re using for free does not have license attach to or you can’t publish that game until you get their permission or at least its free of use and start marketing your game.

I have made my first FPS using box and floating hands that came with the Engine for free and my friends and I were also able to create a large map which is the reason why we’re now making a Battlefield like game.

EDIT: We are currently studying how to model, animate, and rig in Maya its taking us two months because of school, jobs, and loans to pay.

Even multiplayer is “easy”:

I’m programming and doing all the models myself, thought hopefully someone will like my project and hop on board to make the process take less time than with just me but I’m not relying on anyone. As a side note this game won’t be using tech based weapons, infact you wont even be playing as a human like character.

ooooooo! I’m going to take a look at those videos so I could add coop in the near future.


Just a suggestion, you may want to wait with doing any models right now.
Trust me, I tried to do a project and I wasted so much time creating assets when I realized I had no idea how to use them.
If you want my advice, pick up a free 3D-model and play around with implementing it first.
When you fully understand how to add your gun then begin with your own models.

Check out GameBanana for free models: ://gamebanana/models

Good Luck,

~ Jason

@ Jason Forrester I’m using blender to make my 3d models, but I’m starting with simple things atm for placeholders like simple projectiles and low poly demon claws.

Ah I see!
It works as long as you enjoy your workflow and you feel as if you are making good use of the time!

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

~ Jason

Only other thing id need help with is how to make it so the player can choose which player class he wants to play as at the start of the game =P

Probably this thread helps you: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/120042/switching-between-character-blueprints.html :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Hexen/Heretic :slight_smile:

Good Luck,
~ Jason