Is making a game about nazi's illegal?

I want to make a game where player plays as a nazi German soldier who have to kill soldiers of allied forces. I am curious if this is legal as it may be considered as nazi propaganda which is illegal. I am not talking about UN’S human rights like freedom of speech and expression through art as it has nothing to do with lot’s of countries totalitarian laws(like USA). It is legal in your country? Share you thoughts and experience.

It wouldn’t be illegal in the U.S.
That’d be well within freedom of speech. Though note that if you were to do something very controversial it’s something that Epic could be unhappy about, they can control who is allowed to use their engine, though they allowed that game called Hatred to continue to use UE4. They didn’t allow them to promote it using the UE4 logo though.

That’s cool then! Thanks

Don’t celebrate just yet…

If you do it well, cool maybe. But if you do it badly expect some backlash.
Something like ‘The Man in the High Castle’, shows credible Nazi POV…

Point out where it says in the license that they are allowed to terminate it without reason? As far as I understood it, epic does not have that right.

May I ask why do you want the player to play the nazi side and not the allies, like US, france, uk, … ?

The thing is, unless people play both sides in a competitive shooter, people won’t be happy about this, especially in Europe, even more so in Germany. Fairly so, because the nazis were the bad guys and they commited a lot of horrible atrocities.
Most people remember this, so get ready for some (or a lot) backlash and controversy.

Also be advised, if you make the player play as a nazi only, forget about Germany as a market. It will be banned right away. (I am from Germany)


I believe in the first amendment of the right to express your-self to the fullest no matter how someone feels, due to social media these days everything is a crybaby ordeal and etc. and hopefully it dies down soon. I believe a business can’t turn down a racist or somebody because of their free-speech because it’s illegal.

As far as it is, I wouldn’t mind playing a Nazi. Now in today’s world: Where I’ll feel you’re very racist and making a Nazi game either due to things in America or don’t care I most definitely won’t play, and will be offended(Due to trump, killings, rally’s and etc.). But all in all that’s your right, I player call of duty ummmmmm… I think it’s black ops 3 on ps4 and Xbox one… I felt HIGHLYYYY OFFENDED!!! That the only black guy in the game the way he was killed. Electrocuted kicked out the window and impaled on a stake, And then said " You treated him like a animal" which is a racist term against African Americans. Although I didn’t favor COD and mainly played their solo campaigns beforehand a little bored that time with bo3… I will never play again!!!

But if that’s what you market hey whatever… Like I’ll be disappointed with Sony or something because I grew up on them. Then some random guy making a game.

There are published games that already exist using the Unreal Engine that let you play as National Socialist against allied forces. Red Orchestra 2 for example. Not a big deal if you ask me.

They can change the terms of the license at any time

Plus, there are hints / possible rulings in past threads…
[Search for posts covering ‘adult-themed’ games etc].


But I think that may fall under discrimination…adult-Themed is considered art to some people

That’s definitely not discrimination.

A. Discrimination in the USA only applies to things like employment, house, and public accommodation, and only for things like age, disability, national origin, pregnancy, race/color Religion, sex, etc.

B. You have to accept UE4 terms and conditions, you don’t have any right to be able to use the engine.

You can continue using the engine under the old terms without updating it.

Why in the hell you start allies list from US, france and UK, not USSR? Don’t teach me what they have commited - my nation lost 20 millions in this war, while USA and europe were hiding.
And I don’t care if the game will be banned in a few countries. Even if it will be banned in 80% of countries. The reason I want to make such a game, is that I want a fresh, controversial and brave look on things. Also I don’t like this mass hypocritic histeria about WW2 telling me what to do. I want to exercies my right of free speech and create games on such topics. I hope UE supports free speech - the basic human right. Is UE against human rights? We’ll see.

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Like I Said I’m not a lawyer: But you do have a right under discrimination and a lot of things fall under certain rules. I cant deny someone from a business for whatever personal reason and serve the next person. many rules apply. that does apply to business ethics like a bank can’t turn down a racist because he’s racist for example, each thing is governed around certain terms.

Besides that I thought about it and would say I wouldn’t play a Nazi game because I thought well what if I was Jewish I would be very offended so no. But some people think ww2 wasn’t cool because America bombed innocent people while japan bombed a military base. As much as I hate it I respect his right to do what he wants as a American.

Also if you’re a lawyer congressman pretty much anything that has to do with the public and government jobs, have to get you out of that position

Well, you’re timing is pretty bad. With the U.S president and many things going on today, you’ll apparently be seen as nothing but a racist point blank period. If you really feel a certain way about this game, I think you should let the U.S Problems burn out first. And release when players are willing to hear you out and what happened to your country and etc.

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Then why aren’t we playing as USSR? I thought you said we’re playing as Nazis.

Honestly, that sounds a lot like the revisionists speak about WW2 and the holocaust. While I think it isn’t necessarily bad to play as a german soldier, since they were humans too, you have to be aware that if you create a game that tells a revisionist view (like denying that the holocaust happened), then you will be jailed in Germany as soon as you enter the country.

Also freedom of speech does not give you the right to everything, like to falsely tell historic events. You can be offending, that is your right, but you can’t be a denialist. Besides, it seems you don’t live in the US, so you cannot claim a right to the US freedom of speech.

Regarding Epic, freedom of speech does not give you the right to use Unreal Engine for whatever you please. Epic is a business, and they grants you a right to use their engine, which they can at any time cancel since it is their business and they wouldn’t want any damage happen to their business.
This is common sense and is the usual thing any business woul do.

Anyway, why don’t you just tell us your brave, controversial idea for your game, so we can discuss it here?

Do the game you want and don’t feed the fire of controversy (if any should appear). This is the most important point: don’t ever reply to any virtue signaling troll. If you ignore that tiny little minority that gets offended with everything, they will just leave you alone after a while.

>like to falsely tell historic events then you will be jailed in Germany as soon as you enter the country.
So why entire europe and US is not the jail? Oh, I forgot. It’s ok to change history for these choosen-ones countries.

>but you can’t be a denialist
Like, you can’t deny that US invaded vietnam for it’s greedy motives and all vietnam veterans are criminals that were hired to enslave a whole country? That’s why you call your invaders “heroes”?

>This is common sense and is the usual thing any business woul do.
This is called “having no principles or guts and supporting whoever is in charge”. I don’t think EPIC’s are like that.

Anyways, I never planned to deny holocaust. I don’t even know anyone who does - this is stupid. Also, german laws don’t apply to me, and I don’t ever plan to visit it(I despice traveling).