Is Layer panel bugged in UE5?

Hi all,

I tried to import landscape and make an ocean using Water plugin in UE5 but I found some problems. One of them is that when I import landscape and enable edit layers in it my ocean seems not to influence landscape. Somwhere on the forum I found kind of solution to this but it requires use of layer panel which doesn’t work. I can not add new layer neither by draging nor by right clicking. It just looks empty and nothing seems to work. Is it bugged only for me?

Same here. Can’t make layers, must be a bug.

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Has anyone worked out what’s going on with this yet? Not working for me either and cant find anything in the documentation either. This was the only thread I could see talking about it

Hello guys, today I ran into the same problem, but I was able to solve it. They just have to disable the Enable Streaming option within world settings, re-create the level or before you start using layers, disable the option.

Sorry for my English, I’m using the google translator.