IS-IZ04 Fault

Hello people!
I wish that I could ask question about rendering or something but unfortunately I’ve stuck on beginning of the beginning …
Yesterday I did download the Epic games Launcher on my iMac! I was very excited couldn’t wait to finish installing the Unreal Engine but finally it happen I went to make myself a big mug of coffee I’ve clean my glasses for first time this week… everything to prepare myself for the long siting with Unreal.

  • Click - on the Unreal Engine button to open it, it showing me ‘wait’ for maybe 2 sec. then disappearing and nothing happening doesn’t matter how many times I will try and how long I’m going to wait. I also did try to download some additional plugins but it showing me the IS-IZ04 fault !!
    P.S every time I’m trying to open the Unreal software clicking on the UE button after ‘wait’ the epic games launcher disappearing from the desktop like is about to launch the actual UE but nope…
    What can I do to be able to use the UE? Is anyone know what causing this problem ?