Is it worth migrating to 4.27?

I have all my game project’s content for 4.26. But since 4.27 is here, should I migrate the project to 4.27?

It won’t be easy, there may be some risks. I will consider updating the project only if it is really worth it.

The most important part is, which version is more stable, and which one is buggier?

The rendering side of things is still a heck of a lot slower than .25

But .27 seems to be better than .26.
Not by much.

Re your last question.
They are all pure :poop:.

You need to go back to something like .18, then maybe the engine was working OK-ish.

And, don’t “convert in place”. Just make a copy and convert that.
You can’t revert to older versions so keep the old versions instead.


Seriously… How about the legendary D3D Device Lost error that has 100+ threads on here already that Epic never respond to? Never seen the error - not once! This is despite using a mix of old and new hardware (RTX2070 / GTX1080 / GTX670 / IntelHD). So something pretty radical happened from around 4.19 on. People have a million different fixes. Why, what voodoo is this?! What’s the root cause? Epic never say anything, but I’m sure UDN insiders know something. Is it Nvidia… Is it Epic… Its a mystery folks. :wink:

So overall I’m happily waiting for 4.28 or 4.29 or 4.30. :stuck_out_tongue: Epic released fixes to UDK well into 2015 after it was never supposed to get another update. :wink: So don’t be surprised if there’s actually 4.29 / 4.30 (after all wasn’t 4.26 the absolute last one). All I know for sure is, I’m going to let other suckers fine people test drive Unreal Engine watching from the sidelines and then downloading the least toxic version most agree on. :innocent:

My main issue with 4.26 is after using it for like 10 minutes or so, the right click menus start to not open. Sometimes these menus flicker instead of opening.

And since 4.25 sometimes the screen goes black for a couple seconds. Especially when opening a new blueprint.

If those bugs are addressed in 4.27, that would be my reason to migrate.

This is mainly nVidia’s fault though:

That figures. Thanks for the link!

And since 4.25 sometimes the screen goes black for a couple seconds.

I updated my GPU’s Displayport Firmware and those black screens went away > NVIDIA Graphics Firmware Update Tool for DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4 Displays

Is not 4.27 the last in the 4.x tree? I thought the path-forward was to migrate to UE5 past .27?

Who knows… Nod to UDK and actual final ‘final’ versions :wink:. But for now see here:

I installed that reg file and suddenly Netflix started to go black screen once in a couple seconds. I didn’t even try Unreal editor.

It says the file disables multiplane overlays. What may that be?

That update didn’t run in my system. Found it incompatible. I think mine is more up to date.

I can’t get any motion blur in cinematic render AT ALL.
I converted 6 levels from 4.26 (stupidly) and now have to re-design them ALL and go back to 4.26.
DO NOT convert in place!!

Re read that 100 times or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: