Is it true that UE4 is a Nvidia Fanboy?

i saw people saying that UE4 is made Nvidia first and “optional” AMD.
I mean Intel and Nvidia is the biggest scamm in this century. The prices rise and rise instead making it price/Performance like AMD does. I feel bad for owning a 7700k and a GTX 1060…
I want to create a game in UE4 but i rather learn C++ and make a game in Unity that didn’t choose a side like UE4. I mean is that true?

UE4 does not include any features designed to be optimized on Nvidia hardware. That’s something that they very specifically designed the engine to avoid because most people want their game to run well on most hardware.
For example, Nvidia PhysX is used for the physics, but it doesn’t use any of the Nvidia GPU acceleration so it will run the same if you have an AMD graphics card.

Epic has worked with Nvidia for tech demos and feature demonstrations, but nothing about the engine favors Nvidia over AMD hardware wise.

Well I think the fan boys are those who buy Nvidia and the game developers that promotes their games as best played using Nvidia.

I think this says it all.

Pretty much every game based on UE4 plays better on Nvidia’s hardware, the argument that is AMD not optimizing doesn’t stand: PUBG or Fortnite for example are games played by lot of people and AMD is not that stupid to not try to optimize at their best these games, the engine just favours Nvidia’s hardware.
However i’m not a game developer of any kind, i just look a lot of reviews and videos online and for what i know Unity for a lot of people is more difficult to use than UE4.

There is no room for “fanboy thinking” in a industry that makes more money than the movie and music industry together. Everything is about collaboration, money and being ahead of your combatant. If you see companies work together, its because they want to achieve something new and better, not because they love each other. At the end of the day, its always about making money, no matter how unsexy this may sound.

A perfect example is the whole RTX hype in games and engines, both sites benefit from each other.