Is it suitable to use quality switch in materials on Android?

I’ve searched for a optimization videon on YouTube and came across the video where author say’s that every sequence in materials quite increase it’s size (which is affecting performance)
So is it suitable to use quality switch if I’m targeting low-med end devices like Redmi note 4x? (Currently I use 1-3 switches in almost every material)

A Quality Switch is just there to reduce cost based on the end user’s quality setting they choose or hardware shader model they use. It doesn’t do anything that you don’t tell it do. For instance if you have a world-space blend for tiling detail, perhaps you disable that for Low settings, but otherwise for players using Medium+ settings, they get the blend.

You might be mixing up the Static Switch vs the Quality Switch?

Edit: Forgot to add this… If you’re building for a specific platform(as in it’s always ‘low’ settings), there’s no need for the Quality Switch. It’d be beneficial if you were building for a high-end tablet, or consoles, AND a low end phone.

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