Is it secure to allow players to share custom content with each other?

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We are thinking about developing a game centered around user generated content. This would include levels, avatars (characters), etc. How safe is it to allow users to share this content with each other? For example, could someone theoretically package malicious code in a level, then when another player downloads and loads that level, could the malicious code be executed by the player’s device? If so, how can we sandbox or protect against this? Excuse me if this is a bad question, I’m very new to unreal engine, and am still in the process of training.

You can pack malicious code into just about everything. Only way around it is to have in-house devs validate each asset before it’s allowed.

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Would it be technically possible to implement something that blocks users from using custom scripting except for some whitelisted functions? Could this be done with something like an SDK that the users have to install to develop for the game? We’d have to ensure, then, that the users can’t modify the SDK and add custom scripting to the content. Or maybe there’s a way to validate server-side (after the content is uploaded to our servers) that there is no custom scripting, so there’s no chance of users tampering with the checks. Is any of this possible to implement? I’ll be researching these questions on my own, but it would be nice if anyone is able to help. Again, sorry if these are bad questions.

Search “Modding Support” on the forums.

Thank you so much! Not sure why I didn’t think of that. Should I mark this question as solved, or come back when I have a method of allowing users to share content with each other?

I’d close it.

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