Is it really possible to use VR SLI in Unreal Engine?

According to the following pages by Nvidia it is…

This lists it as a feature in the VRWorks branchees of the engine:

This page is all about VR SLI (via VRWorks) and explicitly mentions ‘integrated with Unreal Engine and Unity’

So you would have thought so?

But I’ve built the latest 4.16 VRWorks branch of the engine and can’t find any way to enable it in the Project Settings (though I can enable MultiRes rendering and LMS), there is no documentation to back up these claims, and the only posts and info I can find out there are basically from other people who have been unsuccessful in trying to get VR SLI working in UE.

Does anyone know if it’s actually possible or not?
Has anyone ever gotten it to work?
Is it something that should be built in to ‘use out of the box’ (albeit with the VRWorks branch) or are developers expected to implement this on top of Nvidia’s APIs and that’s what’s considered to be ‘integrated with Unreal Engine’?

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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vr.mgpu 1

if you type “vr.” then there should be plenty commandset you can use