Is it possible to work with two cameras with culling layers ?

Like in unity for example ( Unity - Manual: Layers ).

I would like to use it to make some of the scene with post process effect and some objects without it ( So they wont be affected by the post process effect ).

Layers don’t really exist in UE4. You can however mask actors out (or in) using the CustomDepth buffer in post process.

Thanks i will give it a try.

*Edit : Works great thank you :slight_smile:

*Edit : Notice this is working only with the “Depth Of Field” effect ( Just tried it ). Is there anyway to make it work with any kind of post process effects ?

I don’t think you can mask stuff out of most of the default effects - you will likely need to roll some of your own post process effects that use it, or implement the custom depth mask into the existing effects with some native code tampering.