Is it possible to walk inside Actor(instance)?

Hej, I’ve created an Actor class with many staticmeshcomponents. Now My character can’t able to walk in between the staticmeshcomponent. But, Character can able to walk around the Actor(instance) but not inside. Is there any method available? Or not possible at all ?


You should be able to walk inside instance of an Actor, as long as there is enough space between the components for the Character to fit in.

Please note, that in this situation it is maybe better to change the design, so that there is a different Actor for each Static Mesh Component.

However, to solve the issue, please check collision hulls of your objects, since they may be bigger than static meshes. Also, there are different collision responses available. If you like to learn more about Collision in Unreal Engine 4, please go here:

Hope this helped! Have a good day!

Thanks for your valuable answer. I resolved the issue.