is it possible to visualise matinee effects

If I am using event tracks to trigger FX in my matinee timeline they are not visible on playback- only when I export my movie. Which makes timing, tweaks and itterations slow.

Is there a better way to handle particle effect triggers so that they are seen in normal play back directly in matinee or from playing the level?

Thanks for any info


They should work in Simulation mode if Matinee is set to play on level load.

Excellent. I shall test as soon as I’m home.

Thank you for the speedy response


Also keep in mind that you can set the start position of a Matinee actor to any second you like in the Details panel > Force Start Position. This way you can skip to the part you want to iterate without having to wait for Matinee to play the whole thing.

Thank you. That is excellent to know!
I’d been wondering how one deals with that for a while

is there a way to use an imported fbx matinee camera as the player view essentially when hitting simulate/play

or do i just need to chase my character around the scene to preview the effects

ideally i want a simulate button inside matinee i guess

You can import a camera animation or create a new camera with another Matinee actor(with director track set to that specific camera.) It will work in play mode though, not Simulate.

that is a bit of a shame

one method lets me see the fx/triggers
and other lets me follow the action.

I guess it is just something i will need to live with :slight_smile:

thanks again for your time and answers

Both method should let you see the triggered fx actually. Only following the action automatically requires you to play as i explained in my previous post.