Is it possible to use .net assemblies in ue4 like this?

I’m linking to the page that shows what I want to do:

basically I have a few .net assemblies that I want to be able to use types and functions from in a cpp actor in ue4.
How would I enable the /clr flag in ue4? I’ve looked into the build.cs file briefly but I’m pretty confused as to where to go from there since it seems I need to set "CompileEnvironment.Config.CLRMode == CPPCLRMode.CLREnabled " somewhere but not sure where exactly.

I’ve also followed the linking dll tutorial on the ue4 wiki and it works but unfortunately I also need to use types from the dll not just call functions that exist in it.

Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.

to clarify there are no header files or .lib files

Figured out a work around for now. I’m using unreal engine python plugin in addition to pythonnet to import the .net assemblies and do what I need with them in a python script that sends the data back to a pyactor blueprint. If anybody can figure out a way to do it in just cpp though that’d be more ideal since now I have to include embedded python and etc in my binaries folder for packaging.