Is it possible to use different trigger boxes to open the same level but stream a different sub level depending on the triggerbox selected?

Hi there. I’ve created 4 trigger boxes that each open the same level but I would like a different video to play in each level depending on the triggerbox that has been selected. I’ve wondered about using a gameinstance so that when my level has loaded I can detect which triggerbox has been activated from the new level but I cannot work out how to save a variable from the triggerbox. I don’t suppose anyone would know how to do this or have a better suggestion of how to solve this problem. Thanks

  • each TriggerBox has a unique Actor tag:

  • the Game Instance has a variable and a Custom Event hooked up to a Switch:

  • when the player enters the TriggeBox we read its tag and push that value into the Game Instance’s variable

  • when you’re ready to play the video, ask the Game Instance to do it, it has the data and a Custom Event to pull it off; or you can fetch just the variable instead and have the video playing logic elsewhere

Alternatively, you could use a Save Game:

And here:

Hi Everynone, Thank you so much for posting this and I’m going to give it go now!

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It works! Thanks so much for this, you’ve saved me hours of time!

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