Save Slots not working?

Hi, I’m trying to use save slots to save my varibles and its not workign for me. I’ve created a save game BP and a save game BP for the instance. Inside the inside It start the game by creating a save game and setting it to slot under a name. Then inside the game when i press save it should save all the variblaes in the save slot then when it should load all the variables up:

When I’m in the game when i press save and load it works and updates all my variables but when i restart the game or change to a different level it loses all the varibles. Any ideas?

Yes, because you’re creating a new save game object on every run and overwriting the old one with it.

Here’s a save game 101:


Hi Mate, Thanks so much for reply. You were completely right and I’ve fixed it up and it’s working now. You’re a hero mate. If I could buy you a beer I would! Thanks so much.