Is it possible to use atlas texture with UMG widgets ?

I am working on UI for my Inventory (non-interactive, it simply shows icons of items player acquired and count for each, if item is stackable) and I am wondering it’s possible to use atlas texture with UMG widgets ?

If it is possible, how would I go about it ? (I couldn’t find a single tutorial on the subject)

Thanks beforehand

P.S. Items are structs, struct has field where inventory icon is stored (texture sample). I assume I’d need to have the same type of reference for both inventory and UI, so I am not sure what do use there since it has to be UMG compatible (last time I messed with UMG it didn’t have support for materials).

The Paper2D Sprites can be batched together if they’re from the same atlas in UMG.

How exactly would I do that? I have a sheet/atlas already (.TGA), but it’s just an image in UE4 when I import it :confused:

Also, how would I use it in regards of showing specific sprite from the sheet in a widget ?


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I am guessing I need to import TGA, then extract sprites and have individual sprites (each icon in separate sprite). Since those sprite have source image that is atlas, UE4 will batch it. Correct ?

Correct. You’d use the sprites as brush inputs instead of the texture, and slate will sort it out.

Now I am hitting the wall - I can use Paper sprite directly in the brush image option in the panel, but I don’t see how to set it from BP :frowning:

I am using Paper Sprite reference variable to store the sprite and I pass it using BPI to my UMG widget. However, it’s no use as none of the Set Brush nodes can take it :confused:

How do I need to do it ?


The regular SetBrush node and a MakeBrushFromSprite node as input.