Is it possible to trigger grab and trigger pull actions without the headset?

I set up a basic vr project with just a floor and a cube actor. I’m trying to make the cube grabbable. When I build and run I can move around, look around, etc but I cannot grab or trigger. At least not that I know of.
My headset is on backorder so I have a few days to poke around until it gets here. In the meantime, is it possible to trigger these events with the keyboard and mouse? If so, what keys, or possibly what game elements should I place into the scene to allow a cube to be grabbable?

I’m very new to this so for all I know there’s a tutorial but I bet most assume you actually have the hardware you’re trying to develop for.

Ok - having to answer my own question is whack but for everyone else who just got into UE4 Development with VR equipment let me break it down for you simply according to what I learned the first week of just going at it blind.
Tutorials kind of have to be seen here because without a slow and in depth explanation you will just be straight up confused. Just look at any documentation for UE4 and you’ll lose momentum and give up… unless you happen across something like this:

That’s a huge video playlist of UE4 tutorials perfectly applicable to VR development and the basics of the UE platform. They will help a lot. Especially somewhere around video #24 - intro to blueprint. Seriously, start there and don’t even worry about what I was originally asking. You don’t technically need the VR equipment to begin development, but it will help immensely. If you have a waiting period like I did, run through these tutorials with the starter content and just the keyboard. Learning how to turn on and off lights with volumes and collision events is ground level and it makes sense. From there you will expand at a good pace. The playlist even goes into c++ dev if you need to do so. There are 200+ videos so take a deep breath, lose the concern that it’s all so overwhelming and press play. Follow along to the most minute detail - even though these videos are for a past version - you won’t be confused and you will begin to realize what this engine can do.

To go back to my original question - are there default keyboard buttons to simulate grab and trigger - no. you would need to bind those events yourself to a key on the board, then patch in the clear differences between key events and oculus touch events… so without even asking what that involves let me just stop you and me both. Don’t do it. Waste of time. Just wait for the gear to show up and glide through it. The only reason to bind keys and patch in the differences is if you intend to support non touch controls in your game. Personally, I want to push for a strict development environment. I want to require touch controllers, so I will not go down the road of bypassing the equipment.

Good luck and have fun. The market is young so get on it while you can