Is it possible to transfer location data of assests between projects?

I have a version of my game that will not launch for some reason, however I believe the issue is not to do with my assests. When I transferred my assests to a game that I was previously able to launch, it launched just fine.

I am aware you can transfer your content browser’s assests through file explorer, however is it possible to also transfer the location data of placed assests? I believe this could be done also through file explorer as the location data would be stored on that project file, but I am not sure which file it could be.

If anyone could help, that would be great.

@Grandma_Bertha Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative

Have you figured it out yet? I am also struggling to transfer props from one project to another because I need to re drag everything from the content browser.

Nope. I’m still waiting for Epic’s response…