Is it possible to Spawn an non skeleton object with animation attached to it?

Hi Guys
I m stuck with one thing i.e. i want non skeleton actors to spawn on button click and they should have its own animation attached to it.
For Example:
i m building a AR application and i want actor(couch) to spawn at a location in a room and once it appears it should do animation like open couch leg rest, and also lean back on ui button click.
So I want help with animations on actor(non-skeleton) after the spawn.

The animations i encounter over the internet is based on actors already present in the world scene.
i m new to the unreal engine and blueprint and it will be if you help.

Thank you

You can Archive it by spawning the Parts as seperate meshes and Animate Them with eg sequencer or a timeline

why not just give the couch a skeleton?

the only other thing i can think of atm would be to use a morph target.