Is it possible to share P_WeldSparks Particle System

The code of blue sparks are very interesting. Anybody know how to do it?

I take the picture from here: Particle System User Guide, Creating Visual Effects in Niagara for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

You can find particle systems like that in most of Epic’s free marketplace contents. Content Examples and Reflections projects are some of them(you can download them via Learn tab of the launcher.)

Thanks i checked them already, but blue spark is very different and specific and there are no example like it - the closest info is here ue4 lens flare???? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums flare

Hey Angel -

Here is an example of a very basic anamorphic Lens Flare adding this to some of the content examples will get you very close to the Welding Effect above.


Thank You


Hello ,
Thank you so much for the example project. It was very helpful for me. I used Particle System of “1.4 GPU particles with Point Gravity“ (P_GPU_particles_attraction.uasset) from Effects Content Examples, which is closed to my idea how to achieve Anamorphic Lens Flare. You can see my video here - YouTube